【Microsoft Ultimate Word Games】Daily Challenge – Crosswords ネタバレ (2019/01/01)



→ Across

1___ fide (genuine)BONA
5Pat who hosts “Wheel of Fortune”SAJAK
10October birthstoneOPAL
11Occupied, as a restroom (2 wds.)INUSE
12When to say “I do” (2 wds.)WEDDINGDAY
14Groove in a bike tireTREAD
15“___ of Anarchy” (FX drama)SONS
16One of two on a row boatOAR
17Educated guess (abbr.)EST
19Quick snoozeNAP
20“Please stop telling me this,” in three lettersTMI
23Small plot of land, fora farmerACRE
26___ Burr (“Hamilton” role)AARON
2812-Across helper (2 wds.)FLOWERGIRL
30>Like an animal foaming at the mouth, maybeRABID
31“Frozen” queenELSA
32Starts taking customersOPENS
33Seattle ___ (horse that won the Triple Crown)SLEW

↓ Down

1Greet with respect, in Japan (2 wds.)BOWTO
2“Aida” or “Don Giovanni,” e.g.OPERA
3Ralph who ran for president in 2000NADER
4Alan of “Bridge of Spies”ALDA
5Sloth or envy, e.g.SIN
6Unseasy feelingANGST
7Olympic sport that originated in JapanJUDO
8Strong __ ox (powerful) (2 wds.)ASAN
9They open locksKEYS
13“I had no ___!”IDEA
18Practics boxingSPAR
19___ town (having just moved here) (2 wds.)NEWIN
20Quavering vocal featureTRILL
21___ code (it uses dots and dashes)MORSE
22Sister-___ (sibling of one’s husband, say) (hyph.)INLAW
23Hairstype once worn by Lionel RichieAFRO
24Put your handsCLAP
25Garment with a sashROBE
27Along timeAGES
29Singer Sheeran and actor Harris, for twoEDS