【Microsoft Ultimate Word Games】Daily Challenge – Crosswords ネタバレ (2019/01/02)



→ Across

5“Full speed ___!” (captain’s shout)AHEAD
10Unpleasant smellODOR
11Part of a poem or a songVERSE
12“You won’t like hearing this, but…” (3 wds.)TOBEHONEST
14___ England (northeast corner of the U.S.)NEW
15___ ball (it’s white on a pool table)CUE
16Like beaches and desertsSANDY
19Cash dispensersATMS
20___ and consPROS
21Valuable itemASSET
22Play a part in a play, sayACT
231980s TV start with a mohark (2 wds.)MRT
24What a person testifying in court swear to tell (2 wds.)WHOLETRUTH
29Dressed to the ___ (really decked out)NINES
30Black-and-white cookieOREO
31Sesame ___ (they’re found on everything bagels)SEEDS
32___, Crackle, and Pop (Rice Krispies trio)SNAP

→ Down

1Part of a lowercase i or jDOT
2Phrase spoken by some one in a white dress (2 wds.)IDO
3Lowe of “The Outsiders” and “Parks and Recreation”ROB
4Fashion fads, e.g.TRENDS
5State for the recordAVOW
6Female chickenHEN
7Puts up, as a buildingERECTS
8Take for grantedASSUME
9Hate so muchDETEST
13“___ Arnold!” (animated series)HEY
16Lays eggs, as a salmon mightSPAWNS
17Bunker or ManningARCHIE
18Zero (2 wds.)NOTONE
19Houston baseball teamASTROS
21Paintings and sculptures, e.g.ART
23“Don’t ___ with Texas”MESS
25Had more points thanLED
26Big container for 27-DownURN
27Brewed beverageTEA
28“___ on Pop” (Dr. Seuss book)HOP