【Microsoft Ultimate Word Games】Daily Challenge – Crosswords ネタバレ (2019/01/03)



→ Across

1Donkey’s soundBRAY
5Animal in a desert caravanCAMEL
10Animal seen at the Grand CanyonMULE
11Rental car company since 1974ALAMO
12“Bravo!” (2 wds.)WELLPLAYED
14Texter’s “Very funny!” (abbr.)LOL
15The O of NGO (abbr.)ORG
16“___ City (Comedy Central show)”BROAD
19Sudden impluseURGE
20Monthly moneyRENT
21Silly poepleASSES
22Gobbled upATE
23Harlem’s St. Luke ___ ChurchAME
24“Bravo!” (2 wds.)NICELYDONE
29Construction site machineCRANE
30Secured, as a sneakerTIED
31Groups of cattleHERDS
32Former GM brand, casuallyOLDS

→ Down

1Alternative to a Benz or a VWBMW
2Feel retroactively bad aboutRUE
4Give an earfulYELLAT
6State that borders Tenn. and Fla. (abbr.)ALA
7Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles and Francis X. Suarez of Miami, e.g.MAYORS
8Come to the forefrontEMERGE
9Ski resourt accommodationsLODGES
13Place for peasPOD
16Part of a treeBRANCH
17Leave the working world for goodRETIRE
18Small, like a garage (hyph.)ONECAR
19Very Familiar with (2 wds.)USEDTO
21Poehler of “Baby Mama”AMY
23Some beersALES
25Last PartEND
26Word after olive or sesamiOIL
27Mr. FlandersNED
28Newspaper workers (abbr.)EDS