【Microsoft Ultimate Word Games】Daily Challenge – Crosswords ネタバレ (2019/01/04)



→ Across

1Flower associated with HollandTULIP
6Undergarments that may have strapsBRAS
10Old-timey cry of surpriseEGAD
14Japanese cartoon styleANIME
15Go on and onRANT
16folk’s GuthrieARLO
17“I’m out of breath just walking up these stairs! In 2019 I resolve to ___ more” (4 wds.)GOTOTHEGYM
19Warner Bros. creation, brieflyTOON
20Is sure ofKNOWS
21Like a white deer, oftenALBINO
23Automobile sticker efficiency fig. (abbr.)MPG
26Friend of TarzanAPE
27Like the grass on the other side, in a proverbGREENER
28Popeye’s sweetie Olive ___OYL
29Corporate PR handout (2 wds.)MEDHIAKIT
31Wants badlyCRAVES
33Old-timey contractionTIS
34Big brass instrumentTUBA
38Recuive a ___ welcomeHEROS
39Big ___ (London landmark)BEN
40Person who does things their own wayREBEL
41Figure skating jumpAXEL
42Director BurtonTIM
43___ borealis (northern lights)AURORA
44Kitchen implementsUTENSILS
47Cash cacheATM
51Lunch option named for its three main ingredientsBLT
52However, brieflyTHO
53Episcopal clericRECTOR
54Arctic animalsSEALS
56Dog on the comics pageODIE
57“My boss is really bumming me out lately. In 2019, I resolve to ___” (4 wds.)GETANNEWJOB
62“The Morning Watch” author JamesAGEE
63Actor Driver or singer LevineADAM
64Live the life of ___RILEY
65“From Here to Eternity” actress DeborahKERR
66Jimmy John’s buysSUBS
67Gooey campfire goodySMORE

→ Down

1Recess gameTAG
2Dos precederUNO
3Super-exciting, like a concertLIT
4“It’s all good” (2 wds.)IMOK
5Angel, babe, and cuitie-pie, e.g. (2 wds.)PETNAMES
6Like beerBREWED
7Cleaing clothsRAGS
8“___ questions?”ANY
9Historic Venetian basilica (2 wds.)STMARKS
10“I powered through the junk food this holiday season. In 2019, Iresolve to ___” (2 wds.)EATBETTER
11___ pull (sports injury)GROIN
18“High ___” (JFK campaign song)HOPES
22Floral necklaceLEI
23Word in many Starbucks ordersMOCHA
24Heat-resistant glassPYREX
25Menacing lookGLARE
27Good news on Wall StreetGAIN
30List componentsITEMS
32“I feel like I don’t give back enough; in 2019, Isolve to ___”VOLUNTEER
35Part of an old German naval fleet (hyph.)UBOAT
36Docking spotBERTH
37Budget alternativeALAMO
39Search engine since 2009BING
40Cattle thieves of the Old WestRUSTLERS
42Chemical used to disperse crowds (2 wds.)TEARGAS
43Middle name of an eerie authorALLAN
45Helum’s atomic numberTWO
46Letter-shaped building supports (hyph.)IBEAMS
48Emulate a toadCROAK
49Fence made of bushesHEDGE
50Less emotionalICIER
54Stick with a toothpick, e.g.STAB
55Go for a dipSWIM
58Scholastic URL endingEDU
59Self-titled hit album of 2001 (2 wds.)JLO
60National anthem prepositionOER