【Microsoft Ultimate Word Games】Daily Challenge – Crosswords ネタバレ (2019/01/20)



→ Across

1“Don’t delay!” (abbr.)ASAP
10Prominent ingredient in an IPAHOPS
14David Geffen School of Medicine locale (abbr.)UCLA
15bother (2 wrds.)NAGAT
16“I have a bad feeling about this” (hyph.)UHOH
17Role for Harris, Gambon, or LawDUMBLEDORE
19Mercury or Saturn, e.g.MAKE
20Song on the album “Beatles for Sale” (3 wds.)IMALOSER
21Deeply rooted, as if by heredityINBRED
23Assent in the AlpsOUI
25Slow runner in the woods?SAP
28The Lions, on a scoreboardDET
30Rival of AndrePETE
31One of 12 in ancient IsraelTRIBE
33Go off courceVEER
35Coin whose design includes a pricklyPESO
39Become subject toINCUR
40Men’s Wearhouse rentalTUX
41Quinn of “Reckless”AIDAN
42Area on a Clue boardROOM
43Dam’s counterpartSIRE
44Like some greensLEAFY
45Show pride, in a wayBEAM
47Busch Stadium locale (abbr.)STL
49Country that uses the 35-Across (abbr.)MEX
50Liturgical assistantACOLYTE
53Hairpiece, slangilyRUG
55Nursery rhyme character (2 wds.)BOPEEP
56“I sish I’d thought of that one!” (2 wds.)GOODIDEA
61Part of UARARAB
621975 S.E. Hinton novel (2 wds.)RUMBLEFISH
65Letter that doesn’t need a stamp (hyph.)EMAIL
66“Toodle-oo!” (hyph.)TATA
67“Nobody ___ But Me” (jazz standard)ELSE
68Corduroys, e.g.PANTS
69Thick piece of marbleSLAB

→ Down

1Carmaker headquartered in BavariaAUDI
2Pond problemSCUM
3The Book of Mormon’s longest bookALMA
4First name in cubismPABLO
5Baby shower giftONESIE
6“We’ve got it ___!”MADE
7Composer StravinskyIGOR
9“In the Heat of the Night” star RodSTEIGER
10What a braggart may have to “eat” (2 wds.)HUMBLEPIE
11Windy City touchdown siteOHARE
13Casts off hairSHEDS
18Request from the hard-of-hearingLOUDER
22Count bisectorNET
25Word on a Kool-Aid packetSTIR
26The Ponte Vecchio’s riverARNO
27___ de galloPICO
29Child’s post-homework period (2 wds.)TVTIME
32Buzzer you shouldn’t try to hitBUMBLEBEE
34Poland’s place (abbr.)EUR
36Dairy case productEDAM
37Not outSAFE
38Banded quartzONYX
41Hint at with “to”ALLUDE
43Kaplan course (2 wds.)SATPREP
48Scandinavian creatures of folkloreTROLLS
50Become less intenseABATE
51Barrier reef makeupCORAL
52Gemstones from South AustraliaOPALS
54Special talentsGIFTS
56“Boardwalk Empire figure” (hyph.)GMAN
57Passing notice, for shortOBIT
58“___ M for Murder”DIAL
59“¿Còmo ___?”ESTA
60Peck partAHAB
63Coster of Ethan in “Gattaca”UMA