【Microsoft Ultimate Word Games】Daily Challenge – Crosswords ネタバレ (2019/01/22)



→ Across

1Pose for a fashion magazineMODEL
6“Wham, bam, thank you ___!” (lyric in David Bowie’s “Suffragette City”)MAAM
10Last letter of the Greek alphabetOMEGA
11Up to the taskABLE
12Where those who have a lot of money dwell, figuratively (2 wds.)EASYSTREET
14Scissors soundSNIP
15Give the old ___-hoHEAVE
16Prefix between bi- and quadri-TRI
18“The Good Place” star DansonTED
19Video recorder, for shortCAM
22Come to a conclusionEND
24Win by ___ (triumph, just barely) (2 wds.)ANOSE
26North Carolina collegeELON
30Those who have very few possessions lead one (2 wds.)SIMPLELIFE
32First name of actresses Thompson, Watson, and StoneEMMA
33“Nice place you got here…___ if something happened to it”SHAME
34connery who played James BondSEAN
35Needing a napTIRED

→ Down

1Tavern where Homer Simpson hangs outMOES
2muscat is its capitalOMAN
3Heplayed Ricky on “I love Lucy”DESI
4The Freat Sphinx’s countryEGYPT
5“Fear and Loathing in ___ Vegas”LAS
6Stallion’s female counterpartMARE
7“My heart just skipped ___!” (2 wds.)ABEAT
8Brand name for the painkiller naproxenALEVE
9\doled (out)METED
17Roll of file fed into an old-school movie projectorREEL
19Jobs for a detectiveCASES
20Movies like “Princess Mononoke,” collectivelyANIME
21“Throw ___ From the Train” (Danny Devito film)MOMMA
23New ___, IndiaDELHI
25Distance between the tips of a plane’s wingsSPAN
27One streyching the truthLIAR
28“You’re not the boss ___!” (2 wds.)OFME
31Abbr. for an approximationEST