【XBOX Live】Astrologaster (Win10) | 実績全解除しました

ブログ エントリ内にアフィリエイト広告が含まれています



全実績数 25
総ゲーマースコア 1,000



項目 取得条件 ゲーマー
Coitus post consultatio Coitus post consultatio 40
First letter of recommendation Recieved one letter of recommendation. 40
Emilia Lanier Completed Emilia Lanier’s storyline. 40
Second letter of recommendation Recieved two letters of recommendation. 40
Third letter of recommendation Recieved three letters of recommendation. 40
Fourth letter of recommendation Recieved four letters of recommendation. 40
Fifth letter of recommendation Recieved five letters of recommendation. 40
Sixth letter of recommendation Recieved six letters of recommendation.
Seventh letter of recommendation Recieved seven letters of recommendation. 40
Eigth letter of recommendation Recieved eight letters of recommendation. 40
‘Doctor’ Simon Forman Won a medical licence. 40
Astrologaster Completed the game. 40
Avis Allen Completed Avis Allen’s storyline. 40
Ricardo Ferraro Completed Ricardo Ferraro’s storyline. 40
Nicholas Mugg Completed Nicholas Mugg’s storyline. 40
Robert Devereux Completed Robert Devereux’s storyline. 40
Thomas Blague Completed Thomas Blague’s storyline. 40
Alice Blague Completed Alice Blague’s storyline. 40
Sybil Fortescue Completed Sybil Fortescue’s storyline. 40
Humphrey Bell Completed Humphrey Bell’s storyline. 40
Emma Sharpe Completed Emma Sharpe’s storyline. 40
Mary Payne Completed Mary Payne’s storyline. 40
John Whitgift Completed John Whitgift’s storyline. 40
Simon Forman Completed Simon Forman’s storyline. 40
Lancelot Moore Completed Lancelot Moore’s storyline. 40


海外では珍しいオーソドックスなアドベンチャー ゲーム。なので、攻略サイトを見ながらやるだけで、容易に実績全解除できます。


Walkthrough (攻略サイト)


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