【Windows】The Food Run | 実績全解除しました

ブログ エントリ内にアフィリエイト広告が含まれています

パズル ゲーム「The Food Run」の実績を全解除しました。



  • Xbox Series X|S : 非対応
  • Xbox One : 非対応
  • Windows 10 : 対応


  • Xbox Play Anywhere : 非対応
  • オンライン実績 : なし



全実績数 41 (27+14)
総ゲーマースコア 1,500 (1,000+500)


項目 取得条件 ゲーマー
Acquired Taste Eat 500 pieces of food 10
Food For Thought Eat 1000 pieces of food 20
Let’s Do Lunch Eat 2500 pieces of food 35
Have Your Cake And Eat It Eat 5000 pieces of food 50
Icing On The Cake Eat 7500 pieces of food 75
Top Of The Food Chain Eat 10000 pieces of food 100
Who’s Responsible For This? View the credits screen 10
For Starters Complete your first level 5
Main Course Complete your first area 10
Time For Dessert Complete half of the game 30
Seeing Stars Achieve at least one star on every level 50
Shoot For The Stars Achieve at least two stars on every level 100
Written In The Stars Achieve three stars on every level 200
Your Move Make 2500 moves 20
Stopped In Your Tracks Hit 250 stop signs 20
Step In The Right Direction Hit 500 arrows 20
When Push Comes To Shove Push 250 crates 20
Turn Of Events Hit 250 direction changers 20
Break Even Complete level 1-6 in an odd number of moves 25
Pull Out All The Stops Collect 5 stop signs and only 1 piece of food on level 2-8 25
Stop At Nothing Collect all the stop signs on level 3-5 25
Don’t Push Your Luck Complete level 4-6 without pushing any crates 25
No Stopping Me Complete level 5-1 with three stars, leaving one stop sign behind 25
Which Way Now? Collect all the arrows on level 6-6 25
On Edge Solve level 7-5 without going off the edges of the screen 25
Triple Trouble Complete level 8-2 apart from one triple food 25
Bite To Eat Eat 100 pieces of food 5

DLC : Extra 64 Levels 実績一覧

項目 取得条件 ゲーマー
Come To A Stop Part 1 Collect all stop signs on level 9-4 30
Come To A Stop Part 2 Collect all stop signs on level 15-4 30
In Order Part 2 Collect single, double then triple foods in order on level 14-6 30
Make It A Double Complete level 9-2, collecting the double food last 30
In Order Part 1 Collect all double then all single foods on level 12-5 30
On The Way Up Collect all food on level 11-1 from bottom to top within 10 moves 30
Going Nowhere Complete level 13-3 without moving the crate 30
Directionless Collect all the arrows and no food on level 15-7 30
Let’s Make A Meal Of This Complete your first DLC level 5
A Taste For Success Complete your first DLC area 10
Not Half Bad Complete half of the DLC levels 20
A Star Is Born Achieve at least one star on every DLC level 50
Rising Star Achieve at least two stars on every DLC level 75
Superstar Achieve three stars on every DLC level 100


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